Our Location

     Lewis Crest Rottweilers is located in a small mountain community in unincorporated Riverside County, approximately 45 minutes from Palm Desert to the Southwest and 45 minutes from Temecula to the Northeast, called Anza.  Our population is roughly 7,950.  The Anza Valley in which we refer to our location is surrounded by 3 sets of mountains, the Cahuilla Mountains to the west, Thomas Mountain to the northeast and Beauty Mountain to the southwest.  Where we are located we also have an awesome view of the Santa Rosa Mountains, as you can see from the picture below.  This picture was taken from our property here in Anza.

View of the Santa Rosa Mountains from our Location

     The area in which Anza is located is sometimes categorized as the high desert, but we have somewhat stronger temperature variations at our location.  Our home is located on 10 acres, approximately 4,300 feet above sea level.   Since we are centrally located between the ocean and the desert, we can experience heavy fog from the coastal cities, and sudden dips in temperature in the evenings.  We definitely experience all four seasons.  Below is a picture taken from our property the day after the worst snow storm we have experienced here in the Anza Valley in over 30 years.  We were snowed in for about 4 days.

20 Inches of Snow Fall on December 17, 2008

     The culture in Anza is very different from a majority of Southern California. Since we are a very small community, we scrutinize any development plans that could disrupt our large parcels of lands.  We are generally perceived by outsiders as friendly, and open to newcomers.  Anza has been known to avoid the social and environmental issues of over development, as we seek to preserve the beauty of the land.

     Some small facts about Anza, even though we are small populated valley located in southern California, we are fairly large community as a whole. We have our own school, 13 churches, 3 restaurants, high-speed internet access, 2 gas stations, a market and a swap meet every Saturday, what we don’t have is a street light.  It is not uncommon to see horses on the road or secured outside of a diner.  We still resort to our roots.

     Some interesting noteworthy facts about Anzans are: one of our main roads in Anza is named after Judge Terwilliger, whom was a famous judge who emigrated from Hemet during the settlement years.  Also Red Skeleton lived in Anza until his death; he owned a horse ranch on Burnt Valley Road. Anza has their own gymkhana horse showing circuit that is put on by the Lions Club six months out of the year, which just about everyone in Anza participates in or shows up to watch. Every summer, Anza has a parade to celebrate 4th of July, we refer to it as “Anza Days” and the whole town celebrates. We have our annual Christmas tree lighting at the Community Hall.
We have our own fire department, and planes for when there is a fire that needs to be fought. Even though we are small in size, we still put ourselves on the map.

     On a funnier note, UFO’S are regularly seen above Anza Valley by some of the residents, as we always have black helicopters flying overhead at various times throughout the year.  Supposedly there are massive sightings above the Cahuilla Mountains, and residents refer to the mountain as the “hot spot.”   Whenever a UFO is seen, residents refer to the sighting as “Goldie”; as supposedly the color of the UFO seen over the mountains appears to be slight gold, thus Goldie.

     Overall, Anza is place for families to build ranches and utilize the land.  We have several historic sites in Anza where families still own and ranch the original farms built under the Homestead Act in the late 1860’s.

     We chose Anza as our home and our foundation for Lewis Crest Rottweilers because of the beautiful location, and the large parcels of land for us to raise and train our Rottweilers.  It is a valley of all seasons, with highs in late August topping near the 100’s, and lows that can drop down to the 20’s.  The small community appealed to us because we like to know who are neighbors are, and being in a city or a very over developed county does not allow that.  There are many stories behind each family located here in Anza Valley, and we want ours to include being known as one of the best Rottweiler breeders.

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